What Is Needlepoint?

The BEST hobby ever! Needlepoint is the stitching of thread (or fibers) through a painted canvas. The beauty of needlepoint is that you can make a canvas as simple or as complicated as you would like. For beginners, wool or silk with simple stitches are a great way to indulge in your future favorite hobby. For advanced stitchers, complicated stitches, ribbon work, and beading can truly jazz up any needlepoint piece.

There are two different types of canvas size: 18 Mesh (smaller canvas) and 13 Mesh (larger canvas). Frederick Needlepoint sells both canvas sizes. For each item on our website, it is clearly labeled as to which canvas size the piece is.

Needlepoint can include, but is not limited to: ornaments, pillows, purses, pictures/wall hangings, and much more! Check out our canvases for all of the options available to you!

Want a custom stitch guide? Please fill out our custom stitch guide form under "about us" with your desired item number and we will be in contact!

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